Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Writing Journal Practice

Ok, so I've decided to post my writing journal entries. This was today's. I know it's not much but it's practice so...

People: They really are nuts for the most part. They all want what they want when they want it. Then when two people want either the same thing at the same time or different things at the same time all hell breaks loose.

For the most part, though, everyone is just trying to do what he or she can when they can. It doesn’t seem like the majority of individuals is out to get someone else, they’re just having conflicts of needs and time. Each person struggles to achieve their goals while others struggle to achieve theirs at the same time and place. Is it any wonder that there’s conflict?

So, if this is obvious, then why can’t people be decent enough to one another as a means of decreasing this tension and conflict? I really think it’s boiling down to manners here. It seems to me that now a days everyone feels their needs out weigh anyone else’s, so they believe they are entitled to rude and arrogant behavior when a conflict arises.

Let’s stop this nonsense and understand that everyone’s need is just as great as your own. It is no less urgent to them than yours is to you. Step back and be nice about it. Start treating others, as you would want to be treated. It’s really pretty simple. Then perhaps, when everyone has began to build up that trust in human nature again, we can focus on the serious problems facing today’s society, and as a whole figure out how to make life better for everyone.

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