Monday, September 15, 2008

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Six Unspectacular Things About Maeve

1. I love all things Victorian. That includes clothing, home décor, homes, fabric, gardens, books, politics of their era, food, science…you name it. If I had the means I would live in an old Victorian manor complete with a widow walk and the full Victorian décor. Ironically, I own practically nothing that is Victorian.

2. When I was six years old I brought home a huge bouquet of flowers, maybe 70 or 80. My mother asked me where I got them all and I told her Peter G. and Steven A. (both my age) gave them to me. She said “Oh, that was nice of them” and put them in water. What never came up was the fact that I had given each of them a kiss for every flower.

3. I love playing RPGs, role playing games, which many of you already know. I like to go all out for the games making it a special evening for everyone. So, I normally cook a nice dinner (last game was meatloaf, spiced potatoes, corn, with chocolate birthday cake and chocolate ice cream for dessert) and then set out yummy munchies snacks for all. We eat, munch, play and laugh all night.

4. I like crafting of all kinds. I sew, garden, crochet, knit and I’m constantly learning new things. My current interest is decoupage and basket decorating. I plan on learning how to do hat decorating and wreath making. I’m sure I’ll want to pick up other things as well. I find, though, that because I’m so easily drawn to new interests that I leave many projects half finished.

5. I had Coco Crunchies for breakfast this morning after I took two of the kids to their bus stop and walked around the block, and fed the birds. I do this every morning with the exception of weekends (no need for the bus stop) and my breakfast usually changes every day. Sometimes it’s eggs, sometimes oatmeal, sometimes toast.

6. One of my cats has a tendency to cling to my shoulder as if she was hanging onto a tree limb by only her front paws. She does this whether I’m sitting, standing or lying down. It’s as if she's fighting an invisible person who is trying to pry her away from me. She does this so often that my left shoulder blade and shoulder have tiny scars all over them and they always have fresh scratches. She particularly likes to cling when I’m at my computer working.

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