Friday, February 2, 2007

Blogs and the Weather - No Connection

So it has occurred to me that in my interests I mentioned that liked to write but I have yet to post anything that I’ve written in a creative type manor, such as poetry and the like. Well, I suppose I’ll post some of it soon enough, but for now I’m exploring the blog writing genre. Speaking of blog writers, I joined a group online call MyBlogLog, has anyone else heard of it? I think I like it, it gives stats about your blog; how many times it’s viewed, what was clicked on and other such details. It also allows you to build this sort of blog base of contacts which allows one to not only view other peoples' blogs, but also puts your info out there for more exposure (judging from the hits on my site so far, I hope it helps).
I still feel very inept however, when it comes to putting things up on either site. I’m definitely not a techie when it comes to this stuff, maybe I’ll figure it out eventually. I’d like to make this site a bit more visually stimulating. Any suggestions would surely be welcome. I’ve seen some really neat stuff on some people’s blogs. One thing though, I’ve never been big on coding so if you have suggestions, please keep it simple for me. I have enough things in my life to cause me stress without intentionally adding to it.

On a different note, it’s Ground Hog’s Day, yippie! Ok, it doesn’t really matter that much to me. In fact, the main reason I bring it up is because the news stated that Phil says that we will have any early Spring. I’m thinking we haven’t really had a winter, so…go figure. This is the first week since last winter that the temperature has fallen below zero, and this is an area where below zero temps are considered usual during winter. Global warming? I don’t know, but I do know that it’s unusual. It seems to me that the seasons have been shifting over the past several years. I mean that they seem to be falling behind schedule. Instead of having spring from March through May, we seem to have it now from April through June and so everything follows, which ends up pushing winter from December through February into January through March. Taking this into account winter has really just started and I would expect that it gets colder before it begins to get warmer. Maybe the calendar is off. Seriously. I remember that at one point they (who ever, they, were at the time) had to literally erase days from the calendar in order to keep it accurate. I think that was part of the reason why we switched from the one to the current. I can never remember which one was/is which; i.e. Georgian and Julian. I know we use one now and the other was used just prior to this one. Anyway, maybe we should adopt the Mayan calendar. In over 2000 years it’s only lost 4 days. I think that could be considered reliable. Until then I guess I’ll just have to keep a mental note that spring is really winter and summer is really spring, and fall is really summer, and summer is really fall, it’s all very confusing. My brain hurts, I’ll have to sort more of this out later.

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