Monday, March 26, 2007

Maybe I Don’t Suck

Ok, so maybe I don’t suck after all. Life is such a ride, I swear. I got a letter in the mail this weekend. I’ve been nominated for the English Excellence Award, yippie. This is an award given by the English Department here at IUSB. Each year the department selects one senior who they feel has excelled academically and honors them with this award. I’m very glad that I’m being considered for this; it really helps my fragile ego at the moment. Alright my ego’s not quite as fragile as I make it out to be but, hey let’s face it, rejection really does suck.
Now, if I can get this summer fellowship that I’ve applied for, I’ll be sitting in daisies. I won’t know until April 9th whether I got it or not but if I do get it, I’ll be able to spend the summer working on a research project while getting paid to do it; which means I won’t have to seek out a full time job doing something else this summer while still trying to complete the project anyway, without funding. Please keep the fingers crossed.
Well, I guess this is a rather short entry, comparatively, but I just wanted to get that out since my last post felt so negative. For now, I must go and discuss Manley’s New Atalantis, that is right after I get something to eat.


greg rappleye said...


Mr. Fabulous said...

You don't want to sit in daisies. You'll get all covered in...daisy...goop.

Kudos on the nomination!

maeve63 said...

Thanks Greg

And Thanks too Mr. Fab - But I have to say that, I 'd rather sit in daisy goo than in "Tiffany". (Refence to Mr. Fab's "Wet Donkeys" story)

Ps said...

Congrats!!!Thats really great news.