Wednesday, March 28, 2007


I guess I'm feeling a bit dark today. This was off the top of my head, maybe I'll work on it, maybe I won't:


And God said Let the earth reign
And mankind grew to hatred, bitterness, and lust
And God said Let Heaven reign
And mankind killed one another
In the name of the righteous

And God said What is this form that I have created
And mankind answered, We are void, from the void we came
And to the void we will return
And God said Why have I created this form
And mankind said To give us domination over all things
And God said Why have I created this Heaven
And mankind said So that you have a place to hide from mankind

And God said What will you do with this domain
And mankind answered We will destroy all that is precious to us,
All that will give our lives meaning and purpose
And God said Why did I not destroy this creation wholly
And mankind said Because we are God and we would not
Let you do so

And God said I will abandon this earth to its own destruction
And mankind reveled in its glory
And God retreated to his Heaven and hid there for all eternity
And mankind said This is good we are free
And mankind found fear in death and so recreated God
In mankind’s own image

And mankind’s God said I will destroy
All that mankind has befouled
And mankind’s God destroyed his own image
And mankind said Why can’t we touch God
And God said Because what you have created is false
And mankind said Is it too late
And God said mankind has chosen its own course
Therefore the answer can only be found in mankind
And Mankind said We care not to think on it any longer.


Ps said...

Thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment on mine.

I hope the dark feeling would have passed by the time you read this comment.
Sometimes, everything seems dark--luckily it passes.

maeve63 said...

Thanks ps. I am feeling a bit better. Now if I can make it through my paper on the Earl of Rotchester everything will be hunky dory :-)

surjit said...

Every knowledge starts with reason and ends in Faith.Best wishes.