Tuesday, June 26, 2007

More D&D but in a poem

First, I'd just like to say that maybe I can get in the habit of writing at least once a week. That would be an improvement, sorry. I wrote this poem as a description of our ongoing D&D adventure. This is about our battle with the ancient white dragon. It is my hope that one may read this in a manner that could also imply a turbulant time in a relationship; therefore giving the decption concept a two fold meaning. What do you think?

In the desolate hour of a heart’s searching,
when our magic has entered the dead zone.
Forward into the pitched night of the cave’s mouth
along the sleek, sodden walls of the gaping hole
down into the water filled belly;
We travel.

The quaking feeling courses through the nerves
chilling the spine, waking the senses.
Fear is a misnomer but the body suffers the stabbing,
wretched echoes within just the same.
She rises from the arctic blue black depths,
with a consuming smile and a single claw
we are flung over the edge of our soul’s abyss.

Her authority to rend our spirit is more brutal
than a violent tempest. The icy paths leading to inconceivable
suffering is the preferred escape.
Within the caverns of recluse her power still emanates
reminding us that she alone has control.
Struggling to be free from the frozen prison
the heart longs for the comfort of a spark.

Forsaking the trodden bones beneath, we move
onward to the colossal doors before us. Seeking our doom,
our serenity, whichever.
The ancient mistress knows the game she plays,
Our hearts, our souls quiver in the knowledge,
but the pain must cease; we must win our prize.

Deception, a wicked attempt to break the mind;
it brings about the crushing blows that have landed
on the heart with such success.
Victory, overcoming the illusion of control; it brings
about another tomorrow. More than hope; it has been conquered
because illusion is real when one believes in it.


Anonymous said...

This is truly touching. You have a real talent.

maeve63 said...

Thank you very much for your kind words. It's nice to hear such encouragement.