Tuesday, July 17, 2007

Making ends meet. Feminism.

I’ve recently decided that I believe I could be very happy being supported by a man. I know this sounds rather 19th century but seriously, what were the women’s suffrage people thinking? Ok, ok don’t get me wrong here; I am what most people would consider to be a feminist. I believe in equal rights, equal pay and all that BUT I want my cake and I want to eat it too. I find the more I stay at home (since I’m not at school so much now) the more I want to stay at home. I really like it. I spend my days taking care of the house and kids. I sew, I garden, and I’ve even taken to baking fresh bread…without the machine…all hand done the old fashioned way. I think I could get used to it very easily.
Then reality sets in and I realize that soon without an additional full time income we’re doomed to a life below poverty level because even with 15 years experience and a college education R still won’t make enough to support our large family. It must be a conspiracy, seriously. What went wrong? Instead of hosting tea parties for my fellow women friends where we could talk for hours about the ills of society and organize groups to correct the problems, we’re now stuck in the work force. I don’t know, this is just a rambling and not well thought out…yet. But it seems to me something is definitely off. Maybe in my spare time while I seek a job I’ll figure out exactly what it is. Until then I just wanted to throw something out there as food for thought.

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Ps said...

Luxury of not HAVING to work is quite something.Those who have it are indeed blessed.
I wish you luck--and lots of positive vibes are being sent your way.