Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Misha Gordin

You know, sometimes when I’m looking for topics and/or ideas to write about, I draw a complete blank. I just can’t seem to find anything in my brain at the moment worth putting on paper. What does that suggest, I wonder?

At any rate…when that happens, and I’m still determined to write anyway, many times I’ll turn to the internet. Who says it’s just for porn? * wink * Seriously though. I’ll go to Google and type in a word that happens to come to mind and then see what pops up. (That’s how I got the asylum photos and topic). Sometimes I’ll click on the images tab and start looking through them. I do this and I wait for something interesting to hit me. I know it when I see it, just as most anyone would, I think.

Then, when it hits, the ideas follow and I know I have something worth the paper and the effort. Tonight’s post is a prefect example of this. The word was “inspiration” the images are those of one Misha Gordin. I found this work to be absolutely beautiful and I would so recommend checking out the site. I had never heard of Misha before this, but you can bet that I’ll never forget. Plus, I found something to write about. I want to include some pictures off of Misha’s website as a teaser for people. Check it out.

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Charmi said...

Cool! The internet and it's possibilities...