Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Newest Poem

Follow the wave;

Flow from the ground as
the muddied grass stands to attention
calling the sun
Clinging to depths of processed
mass media

The rain beckons new emotion
answering the plea of tolerance
and the infirmity of a neglected way
making waves
Satellite photographs replace fatality with
sentiments of wired embrace

Breaking the shore

Washing over banks of billboards and wall paintings
the flower has begun to open
Headlights glide into daylight
Running distances of faith.

Course of action breathes into the breeze.
The song travels into
electricity’s rampant weaving while nerves jump to

impact the calling of
a beloved to the exception
of daylight’s fragrance.
It lingers like sweat on the lip.

Submerge the planes

Storm across reasoned minds and reflective souls.
The rice patties scream from necessity to
the lost generation who promised to
put it right.

Worldly knowledge estranges itself
from the beginning of time – lacking we progress –
disassembled pieces of creation blanked
out into pairs or tri folds, of flesh

Obsession brinks disheveled ways
floating on persistence. Ordered thought, brought
to its knees
as we back out of the river
and into a life of fascination.

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