Sunday, May 4, 2008

Waldorf Salad

Well slap my rump and call me a happy camper. I just finished carving out a new sewing nook in the basement for myself. I’m pleased with it; I think it will be a nice place to leave the world behind and get my creativity flowing.

What else…? I also burned three new CDs to listen to at work. It should help make the days pass more pleasantly. I need to remember to bring some ferns with me tomorrow, too. I’m exchanging them for some Hostas. That will complete my front yard planters. They have a northern exposure and are filled with ferns, hostas, lily of the valley, and ivy; I think it will look splendid. Did I mention I have some new CDs?....Currently listening to “Love-Tragedy” by the Cruxshadows; I’m a happy camper; yippie! I love getting new music.

Oh, I should probably explain the whole Waldorf Salad thing, huh? Remember the “poem a day challenge” posted on Poetic Asides? Well, two of my poems were selected as highlights. One was my poem “How Waldorf Salad Behaves”. The prompt for that day was, “How ____ Behaves” where we had to fill in the blank. I have no idea why Waldorf Salad came to mind. I’m just peculiar that way, I guess. The second poem was an Alfred Hitchcock prompt where we were supposed to provide a surprise ending. So, here they both are. I had fun writing them and I’m happy they were highlighted. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy like. That said, I’m going to cuddle up with my Wilkie Collins novel The Woman In White and call it a day. I had a nice weekend; it was relaxing. I needed that. Whoot!

How Waldorf Salad Behaves

In its creamy bed of mayonnaise and sugar
and lemon juice

The crisp apples bite back at stalks of celery
and walnuts

Crunching with delight the flavors blend
to make a most delectable impression

Alfred Hitchcock Prompt -

The geese are chasing the people away
from their eggs, down by the river.
The lawn is a beautiful shade of summer green
decorated with romantic iron benches.
Look at the Hollyhocks showing their hues of
sky, and blush, and sun.
The day is open, flowing wide toward forever
and I’m so glad you came to visit.
Cobblestone steps guide the way back to the patio
which delivers its closure.
The electroshock therapy is going well
please come to see me again.

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