Friday, May 30, 2008

Sick, yuck...Published, good...Bird, pretty

Don’t you hate being sick? I know I do. It started with a sore throat last Saturday then quickly evolved into a full blown head cold, from there (oh no, it wasn’t done yet) it made its way into my lungs. Now, I’m once again feeling the pain of pleurisy; and yes I do mean pain. It really does hurt, man. Over the last three years or so it seems that I have developed a susceptibility to the problem. I seem to get it now about twice a year. It sucks, it totally wipes me out, and of course I become completely incapable of writing. Heck, I can’t even sit up for long without getting dizzy. Anyway, I’m on antibiotics now and a codeine cough syrup for the pain and cough which helps, but it makes me rather tired. So, while I’m awake and semi coherent I decided I would try to get a little bit of writing in.

Some other news in my life….the three personal profile articles I wrote for Inside Granger are out in publication now, yeah. They’re in the June issue, if you get a chance check it out. I don’t have a link, sorry.

Also, I found a baby Starling today. It apparently had fallen out of its nest. I saw it in the road out in front of my house and rescued it from being road kill. It still had some down on it so it isn’t quite old enough yet, but it was attempting to fly. I put it in the back yard and watched it for a while. I hoped the parents would find it as I have a large congregation of birds, Starlings included, that gather in my back yard to feed. As it turns out, I did see two birds, a male and a female, coming down to feed the young bird. I’m assuming they are the bird’s parents. I don’t know where the nest is so I’ve left him in the yard. Hopefully he’ll pull through. I’m worried about cats and raccoons, of course, but I think he has half a chance of hiding in the tall grass and under the grapevines by the fence line (which is where he hopped off to). He certainly has a better chance of surviving than he would have, had I left him in the street. It was so cool to hold him in my hands, though. I resisted bringing him inside; I think it’s better for him out there. Knowing that he has other birds watching out for him gives me hope. I don’t feel like I could be a good replacement for nature, you know? If he dies that will certainly suck, but I really think his chances of living are going to be stronger with his own.

PS – The picture isn’t of the Starling I found, I don’t have a camera, but it is about the same in the development cycle so you can get a good idea of how old he is.

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Stargate SG1

Well, I haven’t exactly been in a blogging type mood lately. Actually, that’s not quite right. It isn’t so much that I haven’t been in the mood, as that I’ve been in more of a mood to watch Stargate. R got me hooked on this series, so I blame him.

It all began when he had me watch a few episodes of Stargate Atlantis. I really got into it and wanted to watch more, however, there were many references made to the original series (Stargate SG1) that I could never get because I hadn’t watched the show. On a side note, years ago I do remember seeing an episode or two…but I digress.

Anyway, we went backward in time and got the original Stargate SG1 series and began watching it from the 1st season. Now, I’m on season 9 and I can’t seem to stop watching. I need to know. I need to have all of my questions answered. It feels as if it’s so close now. I understand a lot about the ancients and why some humans have their genes. I get the whole Gu’ald thing; which by the way I can’t believe escaped me while watching Atlantis…jeez.

Ok, so that’s why I haven’t been writing so much. I’m pounding my way through all 10 Stargate seasons. I’m so close…. I feel as though I have almost ascended, my brain is at about 70% (if you haven’t watched Stargate then that last remark is most certainly lost on you).

If you haven’t watched it and you’re at all into SciFi then I would say without a doubt that you need to check it out. I wouldn’t call myself the biggest SciFi geek out there (although I do know enough to classify myself as more of a Trekki, rather than a Star Wars type) don’t even get me started there. I really do like both, but Captain Kirk will always have this little girl’s heart. I do believe he was my first love.

All that said, I’m going to continue down my path to enlightenment now. I really must know how the Ori will be defeated. I know they will be stopped somehow because, hello, watched Stargate Atlantis and well, I couldn’t have done that if the Ori had taken over the Galaxy, right? After season 10 is over I do plan to return to the battle against the Wraith in the Pegasus galaxy and see how Atlantis is fairing; until then my friends, be well. I’ll try to keep my writing fairly steady, but it can be so very hard when one is captured in the off world goodness of the trials facing SG1 and the fate of the earth.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

The Newest Poem

Follow the wave;

Flow from the ground as
the muddied grass stands to attention
calling the sun
Clinging to depths of processed
mass media

The rain beckons new emotion
answering the plea of tolerance
and the infirmity of a neglected way
making waves
Satellite photographs replace fatality with
sentiments of wired embrace

Breaking the shore

Washing over banks of billboards and wall paintings
the flower has begun to open
Headlights glide into daylight
Running distances of faith.

Course of action breathes into the breeze.
The song travels into
electricity’s rampant weaving while nerves jump to

impact the calling of
a beloved to the exception
of daylight’s fragrance.
It lingers like sweat on the lip.

Submerge the planes

Storm across reasoned minds and reflective souls.
The rice patties scream from necessity to
the lost generation who promised to
put it right.

Worldly knowledge estranges itself
from the beginning of time – lacking we progress –
disassembled pieces of creation blanked
out into pairs or tri folds, of flesh

Obsession brinks disheveled ways
floating on persistence. Ordered thought, brought
to its knees
as we back out of the river
and into a life of fascination.

Monday, May 12, 2008

Wildlife Good...Environment Necessary

The post tonight will be brief; yeah, yeah…don’t say it.

I thought I would point you to a direction that will help preserve wildlife. If you haven’t guessed it by now I’m a bit of an environment and animal person. I think it’s vitally important to take care of the earth and all its inhabitants and to me that means making a conscience effort to be involved. That being said here’s the link to the National Wildlife Federation website. If you sign up for the emails you’ll receive word when vital bills are being voted on regarding our environment and the beings within it. This will allow you to send a message to your congress(person) asking them to either vote for or against said bill. It will also provide you with lots of different information.

So with no further ado National Wildlife Federation

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Grade School Spring Program

The two youngest kids had their Spring Program tonight at school. It was quite the event. I have to say, they do stand out in a crowd. There was this one place in the show where the children were singing a friendship song. They all had to turn to their partner and carry out hand gestures and the like. G turned to his partner and discovered that his partner was absent. It was great, without missing a beat he turned to the audience, shrugged his shoulders and played to the audience as if we were his partner. Everyone was cracking up; I was in tears I was laughing so hard.
Then, W had to go up to the mic and read several lines. She did it flawlessly, of course the fact that she yelled into the mic while she was reading was politely excused by the audience. I believe they realized that she hadn’t a vast amount of experience with microphones. So, everyone made a slight jump in their seats and then cringed up a bit while they were enlightened as to how many different languages were spoken by the billions of people in the world. By the way, the theme for tonight was, “All people smile in the same language”.
Ironically, after spending the entire program singing and talking about the myriad cultures, languages, and people of the world the program ended with a good ‘ol version of I’m proud to be an American. All in all, the program was nice. The chairs were horribly uncomfortable but, hey I’m listening to Duran Duran now so the world is good.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Waldorf Salad

Well slap my rump and call me a happy camper. I just finished carving out a new sewing nook in the basement for myself. I’m pleased with it; I think it will be a nice place to leave the world behind and get my creativity flowing.

What else…? I also burned three new CDs to listen to at work. It should help make the days pass more pleasantly. I need to remember to bring some ferns with me tomorrow, too. I’m exchanging them for some Hostas. That will complete my front yard planters. They have a northern exposure and are filled with ferns, hostas, lily of the valley, and ivy; I think it will look splendid. Did I mention I have some new CDs?....Currently listening to “Love-Tragedy” by the Cruxshadows; I’m a happy camper; yippie! I love getting new music.

Oh, I should probably explain the whole Waldorf Salad thing, huh? Remember the “poem a day challenge” posted on Poetic Asides? Well, two of my poems were selected as highlights. One was my poem “How Waldorf Salad Behaves”. The prompt for that day was, “How ____ Behaves” where we had to fill in the blank. I have no idea why Waldorf Salad came to mind. I’m just peculiar that way, I guess. The second poem was an Alfred Hitchcock prompt where we were supposed to provide a surprise ending. So, here they both are. I had fun writing them and I’m happy they were highlighted. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy like. That said, I’m going to cuddle up with my Wilkie Collins novel The Woman In White and call it a day. I had a nice weekend; it was relaxing. I needed that. Whoot!

How Waldorf Salad Behaves

In its creamy bed of mayonnaise and sugar
and lemon juice

The crisp apples bite back at stalks of celery
and walnuts

Crunching with delight the flavors blend
to make a most delectable impression

Alfred Hitchcock Prompt -

The geese are chasing the people away
from their eggs, down by the river.
The lawn is a beautiful shade of summer green
decorated with romantic iron benches.
Look at the Hollyhocks showing their hues of
sky, and blush, and sun.
The day is open, flowing wide toward forever
and I’m so glad you came to visit.
Cobblestone steps guide the way back to the patio
which delivers its closure.
The electroshock therapy is going well
please come to see me again.

Saturday, May 3, 2008

Economic Stimulus – Bush Scams Us

I have a bit if unfortunate news for many people who are waiting on their stimulus payment from the Bush administration. Big surprise, they failed to provide the public with vital information that would become crucial in making life decisions.

Did anyone read the fine print? I just did. You see we were wondering when we would see the money so R went to the IRS website. It turns out that if you happen to be one of the millions of Americans who owe on student loans, child support, or taxes you won’t be getting that package after all. The money, instead of coming to you, will be applied to your debt. So, personally as a person who has student loans, I’m screwed. How about you?

Here’s how you can know whether or not you’ll actually see any of that promised gold. If you have received a written notice from the IRS then you should be good to go; otherwise…forget it. The following is an excerpt from the IRS website in regards to the stimulus package – read it and weep people.

Some taxpayers may receive smaller economic stimulus payments than they anticipated. By law, the stimulus payments are offset to satisfy past-due taxes, student loans, child support and certain other debts.

The IRS will send notices to taxpayers who have already filed a 2007 tax return and who are eligible for an economic stimulus payment. This notice will serve as an important recordkeeping document and should be retained by taxpayers. By keeping people informed, the IRS hopes to reduce calls to customer service representatives who are still busy helping taxpayers complete tax returns,,id=181972,00.html