Sunday, April 13, 2008

Another One of Those Poem Things

Oky doky -
Writer's Digest has a BLOG being done by Robert Lee Brewer. He's celebrating poetry month this April by providing a new prompt each day and challenging poets to write a poem everyday during the month of April and posting them to the comments section of the BLOG. I have to say, I think this is a really neat idea and I have been participating in it for the last three days now; since I found out about it. So, due to this I am posting the three poems that I have written thus far.

1st - the prompt was "An Object"

I've called this one - The Skull

Hollow sockets, peering
Orifice of scent
Cranial experience - plated bone
Absence of flesh and heat
Maxilla grinning its half smile
Poor Yorick

2nd - The prompt was "An Apology"

I've called this one (big surprise) - Apology

Pressure under foot
it’s all wrong
like standing on a rope.
Howling and hissing
frightened eyes dart at me
fleeing instinct she races across the room
turns back to me with my call.
Hearing the voice of love
the reassurance of “I’m sorry”
her tail recovers and hugs and cuddles return.

And 3rd, but not least, today's prompt "Music" we were to choose lyrics from a song and write about how they made us feel

I don't have a name for this one yet

On daze, like this
In times like these
I feel an animal deep inside
Heel to haunch on bended knees
- Sisters of Mercy; The Corrosion

Backward and laying on the beach
singing in the distant sun
the arrival of new flesh
Still passion absorbed into the night
a hooked moon on breaking glass
the loneliness of domination
The kind of love one waits for
beckoning the day but falling into
something else entirely
Howl for the ever after
and turn the shell upside down.

So that's it. I suggest you go to the site - check the side bar for "Poetic Asides" and you'll find it just fine. Then join in.

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