Tuesday, April 22, 2008


The Biggest Whiny Brat Of All
*Think About It

Dare I say it, lest I become the target for whiny vengeance? Well, I must. Someone has to say it. Things are just going too far. Have you heard about the kid, I think he’s in one of the Carolinas, who was going to plant multiple bombs throughout his school? I mean come on. The kid didn’t like jocks or some stupid ass thing like that so he was going to blow “Everyone” up and then take his self out too.

I am getting so sick of these dumbasses. Seriously, what makes them think that their problems are any more difficult than the problems that every other person on the face of the planet is dealing with? I blame this recent trend on a society who has babied their children to death “literally”. Today we see kids on their local soccer teams, ALL getting a trophy because “No One” should be left out; or work appreciation awards go to “Everyone” because it’s not right to ignore those who are only doing what they were HIRED to do.

People!!! Let’s get back to reality. There are those of us who excel and those who don’t. If you’re one who does not, then get off your ass and work harder! People have been living together for centuries without having to recognize the “special” feelings of every freakin’ person on the planet. And guess what, everyone didn't go postal because of it.

I think what it boils down to is this. We have created a generation of people now, who expect to be recognized for everything in their lives, no matter how absurd. Then you get these people pissed off because, let’s face it, it’s impossible to recognize every single accomplishment for every single person. Next thing you know, you have these dumbasses running off on a shooting, or bombing, spree because they feel left out. BOO FUCKING HOO!!!

In my day, people got recognized because they deserved it. They went over and above what was expected of them. They went the proverbial, “Extra Mile” and made the world a better place because of it. I didn’t get the brownie buttons and the mentions they did. I didn’t excel like they did. I was a semi-popular nerdy kind of freak who floated along like most everyone else, and you know what….I didn’t go off and kill anyone!!!

All I can say is that I think these people are spoiled little brats. Whining about how hard their life has been, when they obviously haven’t experienced shit. Let’s put them all on a plane and drop them in the middle of Africa or Iraq and tell them to fend for themselves. Then maybe they’ll toughen up a bit and begin to understand what a hard life is really all about. Oh wait…we can’t do that because they’re all too chicken shit to LIVE after they have destroyed the lives of all of their innocent victims and the victims families!!! Assholes!

K….I feel better now.

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