Tuesday, April 29, 2008

People are Messed Up

It never fails to astound me just how messed up the human race can be. People live in their own little worlds, life goes on and no one realizes what a freak the person standing right next to you can be. Perhaps you’re the freak, who knows? What’s my point here? Just this:

If you haven’t heard, there is a man in Austria who has been holding his daughter captive in a cell in his basement for the last 24 years, yes 24 years. That, of course, isn’t the worst of it. He abused her sexually, fathering at least seven children with her; 1 whom he burned in a furnace after the baby died from neglect, 3 who were held in the cell with their mother and never saw daylight; then taking the other 3 to live with him and his wife. The wife apparently had no clue, as she believed the daughter to have runaway when she was 18 and was then told the children were left at the door. This is a really messed up deal, as you can well imagine.

Then, here locally, there is man who is convicted of a robbery. He threatened 2 women with a knife at a Fun Tan shop, attempted to rape them (but no information on why he didn’t actually rape them) and took some cash. Now, this too is messed up, but I think most people would agree that it’s not as messed up as contestant number 1.

So, want to take a guess at what their jail times are? I’ll give you a hint.
The maximum sentence the Austrian can receive is 15 years, yes 15 years. The robber, was handed a 40 year sentence.

Now, I would present the question. Who here is really the messed up people?

If you said, the people residing over our world’s legal systems, then perhaps there is hope for you yet. Maybe, just maybe, you haven’t succumbed to the weird, messed up, bizzareo world that these other people are living in. I personally don’t understand how our values got so terribly screwed out of place. Seriously, when did threats and robbery become a more serious crime than, confinement (for years, and years), sexual abuse, and let’s face it, just outright being too fucked up in the head to deserve to live?

People are messed up, man.

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