Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Crazy, I'm so Crazy

I don’t have a lot of time today to write, but since I didn’t post yesterday I’m going to write at least something.

That being said and in lieu of my last post; I think I’m going nuts, really. For example, earlier today I was searching for a copper lid while I was cooking dinner. This is a lid I use often, and it’s normally in the drawer with the other lids. So, here I am, searching the entire kitchen beginning to get angry because I can’t find the damn thing, when…suddenly; I see it on the table right in front of me and I say, “Damn, it’s right here in front of me on the table.” That’s when my sister-in-law says, “You put it there just a minute ago. I thought you were talking about a different lid because you were asking where the copper lid was as you put it on the table. I figured you couldn’t have been talking about that one.” Yep, I’m thinking that’s a sure sign. Then later on when I went to get the coffee pot setup…I started to put fresh grounds in on top of the old grounds that were there from the last pot…ooo, yuck. I’m glad I caught that one. Jeez man I used to think the world was nuts and I was the sane one, now I’m not so sure.
Of course, I suppose I could just be joining the ranks. Hmm.


Charmi said...

Then I'm crazy, too. I spend a lot of time walking into rooms and asking people, Why am I here? What am I looking for? They look at me sadly. They don't know either!

maeve63 said...

Scary isn't it? At least I'm not alone.