Saturday, April 19, 2008

A Day In My Life

In the words of Mayor Richard Wilkins III, from Sunnydale, “Well Gosh”. It’s been such a busy weekend. It started out with me joining The League of Women Voters. That was actually rather fun. (Hey, don’t blow me a line of nerddom here. If the Buffy reference and D&D posts haven’t given you a clue already, then you may as well throw in the towel). At any rate, it was fun and now I have an opportunity to be more of an influence in my community. That alone should scare most people.

After the League I came home to a vomiting child. He wasn’t actually vomiting when I walked in the door. He waited until I got home and began to settle in and then tossed his cookies all the way down the stairway, through the living room and onto the bathroom floor. He was finished by the time he made it to the toilet. So, I spent the rest of the evening (until about 1:00 AM) scraping up pot pie and scrubbing carpet and walls with LOTS of disinfectant and then showering. Of course he wasn’t done; he had a repeat about 4:30 in the morning. Fortunately, I was prepared for that one and had a bucket on hand. I did, however, end up staying awake for a good long time after that and by the time I fell back to sleep the other kids were getting up. I crashed out of pure exhaustion until about 11:00; R got the kids breakfast. I think he felt bad for leaving me with “puke” duty; he has a weak stomach, things would have been much worse.

K, then after I get up and feed the birdies, have my coffee, do some laundry, and take another shower I head off to the store where I stock up on soup, jello, and crackers. I drop it all off at home and head up to campus for the Wolfson Awards and pre-award sessions with the guest author, Brock Clarke who has recently published An Arsonist’s Guide to Writers’ Homes in New England. I made it home about 9:00 PM and between putting on some jammies, getting the kids settled for bed and feeding the cats I am trying to catch up on my writing.

Tomorrow I have to write up some questions for the three interviews that I’m scheduled to do, Monday, for the Personal Profile articles I’ll be writing for Inside Granger, which is a flagship publication of the Tribune. Then I need to go see one of my daughters’ new apartment, because I saw the other daughters’ new house and now she feels neglected. They both just moved into new places within the last two weeks. Anyway, I’m going to go there at some time tomorrow, it still hasn’t been decided exactly when because…R and his brother will have the van, they’re going fishing, so my oldest daughter is going to come and pick me and the rest of the kids up and go see the apartment; this is, if none of the kids are puking. If they are, then I’ll have to wait until R gets home and go by myself Sunday night.

I still have plants waiting to go into the ground. I’ve been trying to get them in for about two weeks now. They’re going to die before I can plant them I just know it. Oh yeah, I have two poems to write for the Poetic Asides poem a day challenge because I missed last night due to pukage. Does it still count if I write two in one day instead? But despite everything, at the moment I’m writing and listening to X-Mal Deutschland so life is good and I’m content. Peace Out Man!

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