Friday, April 11, 2008

The Howler In Me

Well, it’s been a while since I talked about our D&D game. We’ve entered into a new campaign. The entire party is made up of either evil or neutral type characters. We were originally meant to be an espionage and assassination team but got side tracked into a dungeon. We have, though, after the horrible deaths of several party members, made our way out of the dungeon and will be starting anew.

I’m playing a neutral evil druid who specializes in wild shaping. This means that, as I rise in levels, I will be able to convert my appearance into many different forms. I can currently make myself look like any other humanoid. I can also turn into any small or medium creature. This came in handy as I was able to turn into a Fleshraker (think Velociraptor) and help fight off the Lich that would have us for breakfast. Of course, in hind sight it really didn’t matter because we couldn’t do enough damage to him anyway. We were, however, able to procure our weapons, equipment, and armor that he had taken from us. This was a good thing in a bad world.

So, back to my character. I am half human and half draconic; meaning one of my grandparents was a dragon. It just so happens that my grandmommy was an EVIL dragon and rather on the crazy side as well. The picture is one of dear ol’ granny…gotta love her. She liked the feel of still moving parts in her mouth as she fed. Yummy, I’m hungry now. After she met up with dear ol’grandad, an evil sorcerer, they had my loving daddy. Well, to make a long story short…daddy met mommy (a druid) had baby, left mommy and along came freak girl me. I can best be described as looking almost human with long black hair and a nice form. Of course, if you look too closely you’ll see that my hands and my feet are actually more claw like than hand and foot like. What may, on first glance, appear to be decorative pieces in my hair are instead three purple, spine type appendages protruding from behind each ear. Then, there’s the yellow cat eyes and we can’t forget the thin stripe of purple scales that run the entire length of my body on each of my sides. In other words, I’m a pretty sight. If you like that sort of thing. Is it any wonder that I’ve mastered shape shifting?

We play tomorrow night. I guess we’ll see if I live to form another being.

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