Thursday, April 17, 2008

Gargoyles Anyone?

While thinking what to write about tonight, gargoyles came to mind. Actually, it was more along the lines of collectables. I collect gargoyles, skulls, and dragons those are just the things I find interesting. So, I thought, “I should talk about collecting things and maybe find out what other people collect.” This was all well and good, however…..

And there’s always a, however. I found myself sidetracked from the topic when I began looking for a really cool gargoyle picture online. I did a search for “gargoyles” under Google Images and found some pretty cool stuff. Then, I thought further (this can be a dangerous practice for me) and decided to see what pictures I could find of local gargoyles. So, I narrowed the search to include “South Bend” and you know what I found? Not too dang much, that’s what. The picture that is accompanying this post is the only gargoyle picture I could find that is worth the search. It’s a picture from the house over by Showplace 16, the one way back in the woods. It’s called Beyer Castle and is a local Bed and Breakfast. Now I can’t attest for the B&B’s hospitality since I’ve never had the pleasure of patronizing the establishment; but I can say that they have some awesome architecture and hey…guess what…gargoyles!

That being said now, my thoughts continued. I wondered why there weren’t very many cool pics of local gargoyles. Is it because South Bend is just lacking in its gargoyle population, perhaps South Benders just aren’t into gargoyles, or maybe, hmm I don’t know, maybe there’s something else going on. So, for what it’s worth I’d like to propose a challenge to the local South Bend population. I say, let’s get some pictures of our local protectorates, and water spouts. Surely there must be some beastly eyes peering down on us as we travel the roads going about our business. I’m thinking that South Benders could, with camera in hand, go about their daily business and when a gargoyle is spotted watching you from above, snap its picture. Then post it online and tell us where to find it. Wouldn’t it be neat, if the next time a search for “gargoyles”"south bend”, turned up like twenty pages of really cool gargoyle pictures? I think it would. Personally, I would like to find out just how many of these guys are out there. Maybe we could give, like, a brownie point to the person who posts the most. Just thinking….

Oh, and I would still be interested in finding out what people collect. I know I’m not the only one who hoards items of little or no real potential value just for the sake of having them to look at.


Charmi said...

You do have a digital camera, right? So get out there! I'd love to see more of this.

Anonymous said...

Alas, I'm a poor, poor person without the funds to buy a digital camera. However, I would be open to donations. ;-)

maeve63 said...

Ok, that was me who posted that last comment. It's been one of those weekends...and well, I forgot to sign in.