Sunday, April 27, 2008

Lilies and Ferns

Today prom- ises to be a busy, busy Sunday. Whilst I write this I am thinking of how I’m going to manage to dig up a bunch of Ferns that I need to move. Then I need to replant them, get laundry done, motivate two out three children to take showers (one is already done), do the dishes, get my own shower and leave to meet R’s dad in Elkhart for dinner. Then I need to get back here, call a friend who I will be swapping some of my ferns with (she’ll be giving me some Lily of the Valley) so I can arrange to get those, call the Audubon (again) because I just can’t get in touch with anyone who seems to know where the key to the sanctuary is, then…I have three articles to write for Inside Granger that will be due by Tuesday. But hey, no pressure…seriously, I can do this but it will be a busy day so…I can’t stay long.

BTW – I did get my first professional publication out in the May issue of InMichiana. I was very thrilled. It’s not out to the public yet, but should be soon. When it becomes available I’ll post a link to it. Thank you Charmi for plugging it; I really appreciate it.

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